You should only buy tickets to Communicating Doors if you want the year 2038 to be terrific! Time travel being a thing, I was recently visited by myself from 20 years in the future. Future me presented a stark choice of destinies for our planet. Oddly enough (truth being stranger than fiction), everything hinges on whether or not you (yes, you!) come to see Runway Theatre's production of Communicating Doors! Your choice to enjoy this wonderful comedy/farce/time travel thriller makes all the difference! Take charge of your destiny - save the world - buy your tickets today!


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How to describe COMMUNICATING DOORS in one sentence? "It's kind of like BACK TO THE FUTURE with a touch of PSYCHO!" Tickets for Runway Theatre's comedy/farce/thriller are only a couple of clicks away! 

When your older, wiser self visits you from 20 years in the future and advises you to go see a show .... you go see that show! Watch our latest video!


With gratitude for the dedication (and excellent taste!) of our play-selection committee, the Runway Theatre Board of Trustees is excited to announce our 2018-2019 lineup. You won't have the opportunity to purchase season passes (for our 36th season!) until about August, but you can quench your short-term entertainment thirst by scrolling up to order your tickets for Communicating Doors, which opens on April 6!


We're proud to announce the splendid cast and crew for our next production, Communicating Doors!

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