"Day" Job: Judy has worked at IBM as a Deliverables Manager for thirty-eight years.


Runway Job: Judy is so much more than someone who knows Runway's history...she is its guardian and best orator. Even as she maintains immaculate records of all productions, events, and theatre happenings, she passionately shepherds the theatre to a bright future. Whenever there is a question about, "what did we do that time" or a stat needed, Judy is prepared - but the best part of her role are the rich anecdotes she doles out on command. All of this, and Judy still pops up on stage, off stage, or painting the darn thing quite regularly!


First Runway Experience: Her first show at Runway was The Good Doctor, in 1986. Since then, she's been a Director, Set Designer / Decorater, Technician, and an Actor. Judy is a proud member of the Runway Hall of Fame and has served on the board as President and Treasurer multiple times.


Favorite Line: “I love ya more than my luggage.” - Steel Magnolias


Email Judy: treasurer@runwaytheatre.com