Upcoming Auditions: A Few Good Men

Director: Liz J. Millea
Auditions: March 24th  and 25th by appointment. Click here to schedule.
Casting: 13 Males and 1 female
Audition Location: Runway Theatre -  215 N. Dooley St., Grapevine, TX 76051


The production runs May 31, 2019 - Jun 17, 2019. Be prepared to list all conflicts between the dates of April 29th – June 17th, 2019. *Rehearsals will be Mon-Thurs 7 - 10pm, and Saturdays 2 - 5 pm*
The auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. 

*All ages, races, and ethnicities will be considered for all roles*


Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Jesse: Early to Mid 40’s-The “golden boy” of the Marine Corps. Jessep is a combat veteran who has risen in rank faster than others contemporary to his age and years of service. He is expected to be appointed Director of Operations for the National Security Council. This would be an extremely powerful and prestigious staff assignment.
Lieutenant Junior Grade Daniel Kaffee: Mid to late 20’s-Attended Harvard Law School on a Navy scholarship. Son of a legendary, popular and politically connected Civil Rights lawyer.
Lieutenant Commander JoAnne Galloway: Mid 30’s-Described as a “harmless neurotic,” Galloway is a detail oriented lawyer who lacks an eye for savvy courtroom tactics.
Lieutenant Junior Grade Sam Weinberg: Mid to late 20’s -Young JAG attorney, close friend to Kaffee. Sam was always the smartest kid in the class. Sam’s observations give voice to the play’s moral/ethical conflicts.
Captain Jack Ross: Late 20’s to Early 30’s-Experienced and talented JAG attorney/prosecutor. Professional and detached, Ross knows how to try a good case.
Commander Walter Stone: Mid 40’s-Career Navy physician. Loyal to Jessep. Expert witness with very important testimony at trial.
Private First Class Louden Downey: 18-19-Downey has been in the Marine Corps for ten months. He has no close family members outside the Corps. Not particularly outgoing or vocal, he responds well to his squad leader, Dawson.
Accused of murdering Santiago.
Lance Corporal Harold W. Dawson :19 -23-Dawson is a very good leader, who was held back from promotion after he defied Kendrick’s questionable disciplinary orders. Lives by a simple code, valuing honor and personal integrity. Accused of murdering Santiago.
Major Matthew A. Markinson: 40’s-Older than Jessep, yet outranked by him. He’s served 21 years in the USMC, and is second in command at GITMO. He spent 17 years as a counter-intelligence operative for the Command Intelligence Center. Like Sam, Markinson has strong moral/ethical observations about the events that have occurred.
Private First Class William T. Santiago: 18-19-A young Marine in trouble, the victim of a Code Red gone bad. Willy’s death puts this story in motion.
Captain Isaac Whitaker: Late 40’s –50’s-A career JAG attorney, Isaac is a senior administrator who supervises young trial attorneys. Isaac has a sharp wit and gentle manner.
Lieutenant Jonathan James Kendrick: Mid to Late 20’s-XO of Rifle Security Company, Windward. Kendrick continues to employ disciplinary methods that have been prohibited by the Pentagon. Kendrick lives by his unit’s code, “Unit, Corps, God, Country.”
Colonel Julius Alexander Randolph: Late 40’s-50’s-Trial judge presiding over the Defendants’ Court Martial. Randolph is tough but fair.
Corporal Jeffrey Owen Howard: Early 20’s-Extremely likeable squad leader at GITMO. Testifies for the defendants at trial.
JAG Attorney Dave (Lawyer #1): Mid 20’s to Mid 30’s-Staff attorney alongside Kaffee & Sam.
JAG Attorney Lyle (Lawyer #2): Mid 20’s to Mid 30’s-Staff attorney alongside Kaffee & Sam.
Corporal Tom (Jessep’s asst): Mid 20’s-Jessep’s clerk.
Corporal Dunn: 21-23-Squad leader, RSC Windward.
Corporal Hammaker: 21-23- Squad leader, RSC Windward