Click HERE to volunteer for Cheatin'!


Runway Theatre runs on volunteer power, and we're always happy to welcome new family members. If you've been a Runway volunteer for years -- or if this is the first time you've ever considered volunteering -- there are numerous advantages to volunteering. Let's ennumerate a few!

1: Whether you're in our box office, behind the concession counter, or scanning tickets at the door, everyone is glad to see you, and appreciative of what you're giving: tickets, treats, and entry to our theatre! 

2: Any day you volunteer, if you want it, we've got a free seat to that day's performance reserved just for you!

3: At the end of this season (August 2018) one special volunteer, selected in a random drawing, will be awarded a $100 Restaurant Gift Certificate (location to-be-determined). The more times you volunteer, the greater your chances of winning!